United Church

Thomas W. Whalley circa 1904

In the spring of 2003, Janice Hawthorne Timm, Minister of Music contracted Hupalo & Repasky Pipe Organs to rebuild and expand this nine stop tracker organ built by Thomas W. Whalley, of Berkley California. Few examples of Whalley’s work still exist. One other that we know of is in the First Congregational Church of Alameda, the pipes of which were restored by Mr. Hupalo.In restoring this organ and in line with the Arts & Crafts style, new sides to the case were made of vertical grain Douglas Fur. Along with the new case work an 8′ Oboe was installed to add more body and fullness to the ensemble as well as the ability for a clean solo voice.

In the scope of restoring the organ the it was found that the floor had to be leveled and raised to give the organ a proper base. Another feature of this organ was the hand pumping mechanism faithfully restored able to churn the wind should there be a blackout which surprisingly is common in the area.

Now restored, the Whalley is ready for it’s second century or music making and inspiration.